Sovex Bendy Boom

Project Description


Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Suitable for loading and unloading vans, lorries, trailers and containers.

The award-winning Bendy Boom has a front boom which declines to -22°, providing flexibility and ergonomic height adjustment to serve smaller delivery vans. This patented design is designed to minimize Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) whilst still boasting a 15m/50ft extension capable of loading and unloading the deepest of trailers. Bendy Boom provides the following benefits:

Load and unload trailers & transit vans using the same dock & machine;
Ergonomic height adjustment via an articulating 1.8m/5.9ft front boom, declining to -25°;
Retracts into a compact footprint providing clear access to front of machine;
Reduces vehicle turnaround time by up to 50%;
Minimizes manual handling by up to 50%;
Designed with strategically located, front boom controls;
Safe and easy to service and maintain through strategically located access panels.


Bendy Boom Option

Loading and unloading 1200 parcels/h from all types of vans or trucks.

Machine Type Extending Sections Closed Length* Extension* Length of Bendy Section* Maximum decline* Height difference* Belt Width*
TL3-6-12 3 6.000 12.000 1.900 25° 850 600 / 800
TL3-7.5-15 3 7.500 15.000 1.900 25° 850 600 / 800
TL3-8-16.7 3 6.000 16.700 1.900 25° 850 600 / 800

*in mm

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